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Our contract farmers are engaged in integrated potato cultivation. 

We rely on preventative measures during cultivation:

  • Site selection
  • Crop rotation strategies
  • Choice of variety
  • Quality of planting material
  • Soil testing and fertilization
  • Tilage


We can look back on many years of close cooperation with our farmers, maintain a constant exchange of experience, cooperate with research institutes and carry out our own test series. In which, for example, the use of mineral fertilizers for nitrogen has been reduced by 50%.

Chemical pesticides are only used when all biological, mechanical and technical options have been exhausted.

As a Hessian potato marketer based in Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt, we rely on regional cultivation and short marketing channels. Our potato cultivation in Hesse ensures a healthy regional product with minimal water consumption compared to other agricultural products and a low CO2 impact on the environment.

We avoid wasting food and food waste in general by recycling potatoes that cannot be used for the food industry due to quality standards, e.g. in the animal feed industry or as a substrate for biogas plants.

Sustainability is also reflected in our office - since 2023 we have been working paper-free and digitizing our processes to a large extent.