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We are an independent company and traditionally very closely linked to agriculture.

Our partners are farmers, food retail packers, potato farmers and industrial companies.

We market potatoes for all purposes:

  • Table and early table potatoes

  • Industrial potatoes for the production of potato chips

  • Industrial potatoes for the production of French fries 

  • Seed potatoes

Our focus lies on the distribution of regionally produced table potatoes to food packing enterprises for the retail sector.

Our contract farmers will be advised by us on the selection of varieties and the necessary production technology.

Furthermore, we are a marketing partner of the Producer Association for Quality Potatoes in Hesse („Erzeugergemeinschaft für Qualitätskartoffeln Hessen w. V.“). At present, the producer association operates four (crate) cold storage facilities in Hesse in order to provide customers with regionally produced table potatoes over a longer marketing period.

In the past, fertilization of potatoes was one of the focal points of our trials. In recent years, we have set up, supervised and evaluated underfoot fertilization trials at various locations in southern Germany together with (and on behalf of) EuroChem Agro GmbH. As part of these trials, we were able to reduce the use of nitrogen in late potato cultivation from 140 kg N/ha to 0-70 kg N/ha (depending on soil conditions).

We were able to confirm the trial objective we set with EuroChem Agro GmbH of reducing the nitrogen input while maintaining the quality and yield of the potato.

Our current consulting and research focus is on the documentation and evaluation of cicada damage in potatoes. To this end, we have founded the "Beta-Sol" working group with partners.

We are also pursuing cooperation projects on wireworm and sustainable haulm regulation.

Origin of our Name

Our company name Res Naturae QSV GmbH is derived from Latin.

Res - is Latin for “in matters”

Naturae - translates as “nature" or "quality”.

The ancient Romans did not yet know the word quality, but associated nature with the term quality so closely that they only had a single word for it: NATURAE

In today's language it can also be equated with the term sustainability.

QSV stands for quality, assurance and marketing (in German: Qualität, Sicherung und Vermarktung).


We are an independent company that provides services in potato cultivation and potato farming.

Quality is our top priority!

In addition to on-time deliveries and the precise execution of scientific trials, we primarily focus on the quality of potatoes.

Find out more about our extensive activities on our homepage.

Quality assurance

Our Quality assurance is based on:

  • the certification of farmers, transport companies and Res Naturae QSV GmbH itself
  • our training for farmers through meetings and field tours

  • the creation and evaluation of scientific trials in potato cultivation

  • our close collaboration with farmers, growers and the industry

  • the quality control of our regional and sustainable production.


We are a marketing partner of the Producer’ Association for Quality Potatoes Hessen w.V. (“Erzeugergemeinschaft für Qualitätskartoffeln Hessen w.V.“).

This association was founded in 2012 to promote and structure the marketing of regionally produced potatoes.

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