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Potato Growth Stages

Preparation and planting

For early potatoes, the preparation of the fields and planting of the pre-sprouted potatoes usually takes place between February and March with the help of a planting machine.

For storage potatoes, on the other hand, preparation and planting takes place in April to May.


Start of growth

The sprouts already present on the potato in the case of early potatoes continue to grow. In the case of late potatoes, the planted seed potatoes now begin to develop sprouts.

At the same time, the seed potato forms roots. Depending on the temperature of the soil and the variety, the time to emergence is approx. 3 - 4 weeks. A soil temperature of 8-10°C is ideal for germination.



When the sprouts reach the soil surface, a main stem and the first leaves begin to grow. In the first few weeks after emergence, both the leaves and the roots grow strongly.


Start of tuber formation

Depending on the variety, nutrient supply in the soil and weather conditions, tuber formation begins approx. 3-4 weeks after the sprout emerges from the soil.

Flowering period

Depending on the variety, the potato plants produce more or fewer flowers, and the color also varies from pink to white.

Tuber formation

Tubers begin forming on the end of stolons. The growth of the haulm slows down at the beginning of tuber formation



Maturation, and thus tuber and seed ripening, starts with the decrease in the amount of haulm.



Early potatoes are harvested as early as June/July. The main harvest time for storage potatoes, on the other hand, is in September/October.

Potatoes that are not intended for direct sale are stored in (crate) cold storage facilities and warehouses.